In 2011, it is important to become better stewards of the many blessings we continuously squander. We must realize that our lives are for a very short time and take the time to appreciate those few moments and the people we share them with.

None of us are promised tomorrow and yet we should set something aside for a rainy day. Appreciating the present while preparing for the future is the mark of a well-balanced, wise and thoughtful individual.

We must return to the basic virtues upon which this nation was founded. And that is a faith born — not from what was seen (America was not always a world leader) — but for what was hoped for.

For many people, 2010 was fraught with uncertainty — what will happen with your investments and job prospects, and whether the country and the world would get back to business again. For many people, the uncertainty was painful because we have for so long relied upon economic forecasts and the myth of increasing American prosperity. Now, in 2011 we must embrace the uncertainty, for it is what keeps us alert, alive and ready to tackle the road ahead.

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