Late-night smash: Toronto Mayor Ford's drug use

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday roasted Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for his admitted crack use and the media circus it has caused.

Despite months of denials, Ford admitted to his crack use after police obtained video evidence of him doing drugs. Kimmel played video of Ford acknowledging smoking crack and blaming it on a "drunken stupor."

"Now that is beautiful," Kimmel said. "You understand, his excuse for smoking crack is because he was drunk. In Canada, is that a legitimate defense?"

Kimmel said that Ford held firm that he does not abuse drugs or alcohol, and that he does not intend to resign. The late-night host then played a clip of Ford apologizing, but Kimmel stopped it after a question came across his mind.

"By the way, I thought crack made you lose weight?" Kimmel asked.