Michelle Obama touts O-Care for 2014

First lady Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaNetflix surpasses Comcast in market value Chicago City Council approves Obama Presidential Center Michelle Obama posts childhood photo in advance of forthcoming memoir MORE said Wednesday that Americans should pledge to sign up for ObamaCare as their New Year's resolution.

"This act provides a safety net for millions and millions of Americans, but we have to take the next step to go check it out, sign up and make sure that we’re covered. That should be our New Year’s resolutions to ourselves," the first lady told "The Joe Madison Show" on SiriusXM in an interview airing Thursday.

The first lady added that there was no longer "an excuse" to remain uninsured.
"Before we didn't have it, but now we do … you need to go to the website and find out how to get yourself covered," she said.

The first lady's comments came amid a trio of interviews with urban radio hosts, as the White House looks to promote the president's signature healthcare law among mothers and minorities.

“Her interviews are part of a broader effort by the White House and partnerships with outside groups, faith leaders, and health professionals to encourage African Americans to get covered,” a White House official said.

In her interview, Obama stressed that "every American, particularly in our community, we deserve that kind of protection."

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