The answer was obvious: A Scot rebellion against the Crown in the South and an Irish one in the North. American secession was the solution in bringing in the Irish and Scots against England.

Then at Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, the German ships circled and they smelled blood in the water. The Kaiser, who was then 38, might have consider that the key to conquest was this: Would America — England’s “Headless Horseman” — enter in to defend its historic enemy against whom Jefferson had so viciously ranted? Hitler could reasonably ask the same when the Lost Generation descended on post-war Europe like a nude descending the staircase.

But America would defend England, and that was the key to everything. And America and England won, won everything, won the world and parts of the universe.

Perhaps the definitive moment of “reunionification” with England (to coin a phrase) would be known as “The British Invasion.” It began on Feb. 7, 1964, so soon after the death of JFK. Headlines stated “The Beatles arrive in America” and the moment is recalled with an iconic photograph of The Beatles descending from the sky and arriving on earth in New York; the “Fab Four” together in their old “Beatles suits” and “Beatles haircuts” pouring like water down the steps of the aircraft. Poet Allen Ginsburg would declare, “Liverpool is at the present moment the center of consciousness of the human universe.”

And John Lennon would soon declare himself to be The Eggman, then The Walrus, the avatar of space and time “across the universe,” and claim title and ownership to the timelessness of the Vedic dictum: “I am he.” Now the English (meaning Khaleesi, Adele, Frodo and royal baby what’s-his-name) can no longer be kept apart from us: We are they.

Don Imus’s in-house Irishman, Bernard McGuirk, says the royal baby is “chick stuff” and any man interested should lose his “man card.” But Anglo-America these 500 years is “chick stuff.” The Elizabeths I and II the books ends; Victoria, the book. Then today, this royal baby what’s-his-name to start again the world.