10. Wasn’t Judge Charles Breyer’s (a Clinton appointee) ruling in San Francisco preventing the Department of Homeland Security from enforcing immigration laws another example of judicial overreach? More importantly, isn’t Breyer just the type of activist judge that appeals to all the Democratic presidential candidates?

9. Who contributes more to the American economy, CEOs of oil and drug companies or Madonna? Under her new record deal, Madonna’s pay ($120 million) will dwarf that of the CEOs. The free market sometimes works in strange ways, but even a quirky outcome like this is superior to government picking winners and losers.

8. Is the anti-Turkey resolution sponsored by House Democrats one of the most irresponsible actions ever conceived? Folks, the Turks are a major ally in the Middle East.

7. Isn't ethic politics a dangerous substitute for foreign policy?

6. Did the Nobel committee lose all credibility when it awarded its Peace Prize to Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreTwo Norwegian lawmakers nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize There’s no need to panic about the rising sea level When it comes to Iran, America is still running the show MORE for making a movie? I thought Steven Spielberg was much more deserving.

5. After winning an Oscar and then the Nobel Prize, is Al Gore also a candidate to win the Heisman Trophy?

4. Which Republicans will join the forward-looking John McCainJohn Sidney McCainDon’t disrespect McCain by torpedoing his clean National Defense Authorization Act Meghan McCain rips Trump's 'gross' line about her dad Trump's America fights back MORE by participating in Univision’s Presidential Forum Dec. 9 in Florida? Guys, is McCain the only candidate who knows how important the Hispanic vote is becoming?

3. Has anyone noticed the tendency of liberals and leftists to downplay or dismiss the terrorist connections and nuclear threat posed by Iran and its leader, Ahmadinejad? As the saying goes, the enemy (Iran) of my enemy (President Bush) ...

2. Do Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHouse Judiciary Committee subpoenas FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts Clapper: Trump was serious when he said he wants citizens to act like North Koreans do for Kim Hillary Clinton: Fundamental rights are 'under assault like never before' MORE’s twin ideas of “baby bonds” ($5,000 to every baby born in America) and a 401(k) retirement plan partially funded by the federal government complete the liberals’ dream of the “cradle to the grave” welfare state?

1. Question to liberals: If it’s all about the children, why limit the $5,000 to American babies — why not babies born all over the world?