10. How can Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) justify going on Syrian television, attacking his own country and praising Syrian despot Bashar Assad? Why are liberals so self-loathing?

9. Doesn’t the most authentic voice in the presidential campaign belong to Sen. John McCainJohn McCainFive fights for Trump’s first year Trump wall faces skepticism on border No Congress members along Mexico border support funding Trump's wall MORE (R-Ariz.)? When he speaks on matters of war and peace, terrorism or torture, people listen.

8. Now that we are on an irreversible path toward American troop reduction in Iraq, why is the left so unhappy? Do they really believe that America has no vital interests in a stable and non-terrorist Middle East? 

7.  What will happen first, Paris Hilton joining Mothers Against Drunk Driving or Congressman Jim MoranJim MoranFormer reps: Increase support to Ukraine to deter Russia GOP Rep. Comstock holds on to Virginia House seat 10 races Democrats must win to take the House MORE (D-Va.) receiving an award from B’nai B’rith?

6. Will O.J. Simpson’s defense of the Las Vegas armed robbery charges be that Mark Fuhrman planted another bloody glove? He was in town to attend a wedding, but who in his right mind would ask O.J. to be his best man?

5. How can Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) base her presidential campaign on “experience” when she now “regrets” her two biggest decisions in government, Hillary Care I and her vote to authorize the war in Iraq?

4. If it is true, as The Washington Post asserts, that atheists are becoming increasingly vocal in denouncing organized religion, why don’t they recognize that unlike Islam, Christianity made its peace with a pluralistic society and separation of church and state, oh, about 500 YEARS AGO?  Thank God for that.

3. Is Alan Greenspan the latest to be snookered by Bill ClintonBill ClintonNYT: Comey distrusted Lynch on Clinton The Richard Nixon I knew, on the 23rd anniversary of his death Don't kid yourself Trump, you need Steve Bannon more than ever MORE’s charm? Lost in all of his praise in his new autobiography for the 42nd president is the stark truth that Clinton raised taxes and did virtually nothing to reduce spending, a policy mix that the former Fed Chairman otherwise abhors.

2. Is it too much to hope that President Bush’s selection of Judge Michael Mukasey to be attorney general will be approved quickly and with bipartisan Senate support?

1. Please don’t tell me Lance Ito is now a judge in Las Vegas.