Get ready for the great George Tenet book tour, following the highly paid George Tenet talk-for-pay tour. Presumably, when he milks his failures on the Iraq war for whatever it's worth, he just might wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom, given by George Bush for a job well done.

I hope George Tenet discloses, or some media reporter will report, exactly how much dough he has pocketed in the aftermath of his shameful conduct surrounding Iraq.

You might remember Tenet. He was the star sitting behind Colin Powell when Powell was using his moral and political crediblity to pound the table for the United Nations to get behind the Iraq war.

When the dirt was dished about the phony intelligence, there was George Tenet.

When the decent opinion of humanity needed someone to show a profile in courage, there was George Tenet, slam-dunking the case for war.

When the national interest of America and the lives and safety of the troops demanded someone speaking truth to power, there was Tenet again, giving talk for pay, presumably sharing the wisdom and judgment he showed in the march to war.

When it should have been accountability time, with responsibility accepted for failure, there he was again, beaming with pride when the Decider gave his flunkie the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Remember that old show "Fantasy Island," where Ricardo Montalban hosted fantasies with the litte Tatu by his side? George Bush is Ricardo. George Tenet is Tatu. "The plane is here, boss." A slam dunk, no doubt.

Now Tenet emerges, no doubt with a fat profit for his personal account, on a book tour to dispense his wisdom. No doubt he will point fingers. Word on the street is, he will go with the flow, and dish the dirt where his bread can be buttered. He will go make his buck by bad=mouthing the man he once called boss.

Bush deserved Tenet; Tenet deserved Bush; the country deserved neither; the troops are dead, because of both.

Get ready for nasty, dirty tidbits as Tenet covers his butt to sell his book to make a buck.

George Tenet is that distinct Washington creature, the courtier to power, totally capable of love for Bill Clinton, sycophancy for George Bush,  and whatever it takes to get ahead.

George Tenet could have stopped the rush to war, but he said: Yes, boss.

George Tenet could have saved America from initiating this tragic war with the false and deceptive misstatement of
intelligence, all under his watch.

But he said: Slam dunk, boss.

Young kids die in the sands of Arabia, while George Tenet makes the big bucks, eating five-star dinners at four-star hotels, doing the courtier rounds to promote his misbegotten book, about the misbegotten war.

George Tenet should give every penny of profit to the wounded troops, hang his head in shame, and apologize to the nation.

He won't do this. This is not the way of the courtier, the sycophant, or the profiteer.