Something Has To Change in Romney Campaign

In this constant 24-hour news cycle, there’s never a dearth of news related to the race for ’08, especially when there’s a constant fresh barrage of polling data. A new survey released yesterday tells an interesting story in the latest chapter of the Republican presidential saga.

Guiliani continues to post impressive numbers among Republicans despite his anemic conservative street creds. McCain is holding steady, but is slipping a bit, which I believe is a direct correlation to his support for a massive troop surge in Iraq. I’ve stated in this column before that his primary push could be almost over before it is officially launched because he’s taken ownership of President Bush’s surge.

Then there’s Mitt Romney. Where was this rising star in the latest polls? After months of personal meetings and campaign jaunts and national television appearances, Romney is in solid 4th place with just 4 percent. I predict a shakeup is due in the Romney camp. They are spending too much money and political capital on and off the Hill to be in such poor position in the polls. Something has to change, so expect an internal shift to stem the bloodletting in the polls…

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