All these Iraq war resolutions, and so little time. The voters really have spoken on this war, not only in recent polls but at the ballot box. The sooner that members of Congress realize it the better for the country, and the better for them.

The House vote this week will mean something, especially with the growing consensus from the public that Congress has to step in and talk sense to this President. Many Republicans, for the first time, are going to break with President Bush and his war policies. And unless some miracle occurs in Iraq over the next few months there will be a growing chorus of Republican and Democratic opposition to the president.

That, after all, is what his father is truly worried about. He predicted the horror of occupation in his book in the early 90's. Now he sees his son being destroyed by the war that he warned against. Permanent occupation, no exit strategy, civil war, loss of lives, huge cost. The handwriting was on the wall and President H.W Bush saw it. For him, this must be like a bad dream