Hmmm. The dominoes are back. Some thought that they were left on the battlefields of Vietnam. Wrong. They are baaaaaccckkkk. George Bush sees countries all over the Middle East falling to the “terrorists.” It is not just about Iraq any more. It is about country after country. Watch out, France may be falling next.

The solution? Not just a “surge” but a possible expansion of the war. Far-fetched? We all hope so, but consider how we expanded the war in Southeast Asia. First, clandestinely in Laos and Cambodia, under the dark of night. Then we justified our incursions by using the doctrine of “hot pursuit.” So consider this: President Bush announces that it is terrorists from Iran who are coming across the border, manufacturing roadside bombs, smuggling in weapons of less-than-mass destruction, but destruction nonetheless. We have to cross the borders to destroy these terrorist cells. This is not “really” widening the war, he might just tell us, but just surgical operations.

Pat Buchanan and others may be right. By mentioning countries such as Iran and Syria and Lebanon, George Bush may be setting the stage for a real serious escalation. Let us pray that this is just right-wing (or left-wing) or plain old American paranoia.