It is high time for the Democrats to come out with guns blazing on the issue of a strong national defense. What, you say? At precisely the time they are leading the charge against Bush’s inane escalation in Iraq? Right.

Bush has insulted our military commanders in the field (“I was for them before I was against them”), he has presided over the undermining of our troop strength around the world, undercut defense R & D, allowed our weapons systems to deteriorate, wasted critical defense dollars in Iraq and left the greatest fighting force in the world demoralized and defeated. In short, it will take years to get our defense forces back – equipment, troop strength, training, morale.

The Democrats should call Bush on this disaster and support a reinvigoration of our national defense. How about a plan for universal national service, expanded funds for new equipment and maintenance, upgraded weapons systems, a fighting force geared to battling terrorism around the world in concert with other nations? Wow, the Democrats becoming the defense party. Now is the time.