New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said he is halfway to his desired weight-loss goal after undergoing lap-band surgery in February.  

Christie said he would have no more trouble than any other 51-year-old handling the physical demands of a presidential campaign, during an interview with The New York Times before his reelection Tuesday. 

“I’m slower than I was when I was 40,” he said when asked. “But that’s the slow march of time. No, I don’t have any problem handling the rigors.”

The potential presidential candidate wouldn't give the number of pounds he lost, saying only he and his wife know how much weight it is. 

“She knows, but nobody else knows,’’ he said. “I’ve set a goal, and I’m more than halfway to my goal.”

Christie said he is still not completely used to the new restrictions on eating that the procedure requires. But he said he is sleeping better after losing weight. 

“I didn’t realize how badly I was sleeping being that much overweight,” he said.

When it was revealed in May that he underwent the surgery, he said it is nobody’s business but his own. He denied at the time that he took the step with an eye on his political future. 

According to a doctor’s note released by the governor during his reelection campaign, He “has been losing weight steadily since” the February procedure.