While Democrats wished Vice President Biden a happy birthday Wednesday, the GOP needled him about his apparent 2016 presidential ambitions.

“As Biden celebrates another birthday, his opponents have reason to celebrate his plans for yet another White House run,” reads a release from the Republican National Committee. Biden turned 71 on Wednesday.

It includes a picture of President Obama with his arm around Biden with another picture of Hillary Clinton standing alone. The title reads, “Biden 2016 kickoff.”


The release rounds up a list of stories about Biden’s potential 2016 ambitions, including Biden’s comment Tuesday that “we’ll talk about it” when Panama’s president insinuated Biden would be running for office again. And it attempted to brand Biden’s support of ObamaCare and other issues as a recipe for failure in 2016.

Democrats, on the other hand, had nothing but good wishes for the vice president — including Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who subbed in as Paul Ryan during the vice president’s debate prep during last year’s election.