The Democratic and Republican National committees pulled in about even fundraising hauls in February, with the DNC raising $7.2 million and the RNC raising $7.1 million.

Ninety-eight percent of the RNC’s donations last month came in amounts of $200 or less, typically an indicator of strong grassroots support.

The GOP committee is in a much stronger financial position than the DNC, however, with $10 million cash on hand and no debt. At the end of February, the DNC had nearly $7 million cash on hand, but is carrying more than twice as much — $15.2 million — in debt.

While the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees have typically outraised their Republican counterparts this cycle, the RNC has been a bright spot for Republican fundraising.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the committee’s strong fundraising showing has helped the party develop its campaign tools and invest in state parties. Those investments helped the party achieve an important win in a competitive Florida House special election earlier this month.

“One year ago this week, I announced the steps we would take in response to the report of the Growth and Opportunity Project. Thanks to strong fundraising in this cycle, we’ve been able to deliver on that plan,” he said.

“We’ve made major investments in data, digital, and technology — and developed tools to give candidates and campaigns better access to our data. We’ve also built a bottom-up, nationwide field operation with a special focus on engaging with minority communities.”