President Obama joked with outgoing White House pastry chef Bill Yosses that he’s suspicious Yosses might be adding crack cocaine to the apparently addictive pies prepared for the first family.

“We call Bill the ‘Crustmaster’ because his pies — I don't know what he does, whether he puts crack in them,” Obama quipped at an LGBT pride event Monday evening at the White House.

That prompted the first lady to quickly interject that Yosses did not use crack as his secret ingredient.

“No, he doesn’t,” the first lady said. “There is no crack in our pies.”

But Obama said the desserts had taken a toll on his health.

“I’m just saying that when we first came to the White House, I don't know if some of you remember this — the first year, like, my cholesterol shot up,” Obama said. “And the doctor was like, ‘What happened? You had like this really low cholesterol. You were really healthy.’ And I thought, it’s the pie. So we had to establish like a really firm rule about no pie during the week.”

Earlier this year, Yosses denied reports he was resigning his post because of a dispute with the first lady over his use of sugar, butter and cream.

“Oh, God, no," Yosses told TMZ. "Not at all, no. We work together on improving — making desserts more delicious, and more healthy. We're partners on that project."

"You can make great pastries with butter and sugar — or without them," he added.

In an interview with The New York Times, Yosses said he had retooled some of his recipes to substitute honey and agave for sugar, or incorporate whole grain and fresh fruit.

But he also said he did not want to "demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs" — a comment some conservative media outlets seized on to suggest a dispute over rich desserts had led to his exit.

That prompted TMZ to ambush Yosses on a Washington street, but the chef told the paparazzi camera that there was "such a thing as healthy good taste."

"I think that's the best way to go," he said. " We're all trying to keep ourselves healthier but that doesn't mean we have to give up good desserts."