Rick Perry's Iowa weekend getaway
© Getty Images

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will visit Iowa this week, the fourth time the possible 2016 White House contender is visiting the state since ending his last presidential campaign in 2012.

Perry, who has seen his national profile rise as the crisis at the border has generated headlines, will be attending GOP fundraisers in Iowa, and plans to hold a few campaign-style stops with veterans and law enforcement officials. 

On Saturday, Perry is the keynote speaker at a nine-county GOP fundraiser, the North Iowa Conservative Event dinner in Algona.

On Sunday, according to reports, he will have lunch with veterans, law enforcement and ambulance workers in Clear Lake. That night, he headlines the Cerro Gordo Republican barbecue fundraiser.

“It's summer in North Iowa and that means the Cerro Gordo County Republicans are glad to partner with Gov. Rick Perry (TX) for a BBQ fundraiser for the county party!” the invitation says.

Perry’s 2012 campaign fell apart after the candidate made several gaffes during a series of candidate debates. He also was seen as too soft on immigration by some conservatives, an image he is seeking to change with his push for the White House to send the National Guard to the border.

Iowa's caucuses are the first contest of the 2016 presidential race.