Cruz: GOP establishment is ditching Rubio for Trump
© Greg Nash
Cruz on Wednesday said the GOP establishment is lining up behind Trump because they think Rubio is faltering.
"Right now the establishment is abandoning Marco Rubio," Cruz said, according to The Washington Post.
"They're making the assessment that Marco can't win this race, and the Washington establishment is rushing over to support Donald Trump. We're seeing that every day. And Mr. Trump is welcoming the support of the Washington establishment."
The comments came on the same day 1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole questioned Cruz's ability to work with Congress if he were to be president, while heaping praise on Trump.
“I question his allegiance to the party,” the former Kansas senator said of Cruz. “I don’t know how often you’ve heard him say the word ‘Republican’ — not very often.
“If he’s the nominee, we’re going to have wholesale losses in Congress and state offices and governors and legislatures,” he added.
Dole added that Trump, on the other hand, "can probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker.”
Cruz used these comments to launch an attack against Trump, questioning his commitment to conservatism.
"Indeed, Mr. Trump said that they should support him, because — he said — 'Ted won't go along to get along. He won't make deals with the Democrats.' Well, I don't think there are a lot of Republicans who think the problem with Republican leadership is that they won't make deals with the Democrats," he said.
"We are seeing more and more the establishment calling out their support for Donald Trump," Cruz added.
"Look, Donald Trump was very candid. On the Sunday shows recently, seven months ago, he said he was the establishment. Well, that hasn't changed. There's a reason the establishment is attracted to Donald Trump."