Trump: 'Tremendous sin' for Cruz not to disclose bank loans
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“He’s trying to be like he’s Robin Hood and the banks, he’s gonna get the banks," Trump said on "The Howie Carr Show," first reported by BuzzFeed.
"But in the meantime, he’s borrowed from the banks, he’s personally guaranteed, and he didn’t put them on his personal financial disclosure form, which is a tremendous sin. I mean, that’s a horrible thing he did. And he didn’t disclose all of this information.”
The New York Times reported last week that Cruz had failed to disclose two loans totaling $1.5 million to the Federal Election Commission in 2012 but included them in a separate financial disclosure. Cruz has defended it as a paperwork error.
Shortly after the report came out, Trump said during an interview with Bloomberg News: “Well, I heard it’s a big thing. I know nothing about it. But I hear it’s a very big thing. I hope he solves it. I think he’s a nice guy and I hope he gets it solved.”
On Wednesday, Trump also took several shots at fellow GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, continuing their long-running feud by saying that the money spent on Bush’s campaign is going to waste.
“He should give it to the Wounded Warriors and stop wasting his money,” he said.
“And much of it was spent on negative ads on me, and then he wonders why I treat him badly. But he’s a child. He’s a child. And this is the problem. We can’t have people like this running our country. China would walk all over Jeb Bush. ISIS would walk all over Jeb Bush.”