Booker: Hillary's Wall Street plan is better than Bernie's

Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonKaine: GOP will keep House majority Clinton: Benghazi security was ‘not my ball to carry’ CNN suspends Donna Brazile as she takes DNC role MORE has a better plan for taking on Wall Street than Bernie SandersBernie SandersCNN suspends Donna Brazile as she takes DNC role Carson EXCLUSIVE: Trump uniquely suited to this American moment Trump manager: Clinton should follow Wasserman Schultz’s lead and resign MORE, according to Sen. Cory Booker. 

The New Jersey Democrat was asked on CNN why he is supporting Clinton, given that Sanders's main issues include campaign finance reform and Wall Street.

"As far as somebody who's actually got the plans and strategies to reform Wall Street, I think if you look at objective observers, I'd stick with what Hillary Clinton wants to do, intends to do and has a plan to implement," Booker said.

Both Sanders and Clinton have talked about their plans to take on Wall Street.

In the past, Sanders has criticized Clinton for taking money from the financial sector, for campaign donations and speaking fees.

But Clinton said earlier this month that she is tougher on Wall Street than her rival, arguing she has the "most effective campaign plan" to take on the financial industry.


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