Trump, Christie keep heat on Rubio
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"I found it very interesting some of the things Donald Trump's opponents are saying about him," Christie said while introducing the billionaire to the crowd. Noting some of Rubio's attacks against Trump, Christie went on to list the Florida senator's low attendance rates for committees that he sits on, slamming him for "not showing up to work."
In a comment directed at Rubio, Christie added "Unlike the United States Senate, president of the United States is not a no-show job, so you're disqualified."
Trump also took aim at Rubio several times during a long, rambling speech.
"I will address little Rubio," he said, drawing loud boos from the crowd.
He went on to mock Rubio for sweating profusely, for the size of his ears and for his performance during the debates, saying he had a meltdown during a heated exchange with Christie.
"I have never seen a human being sweat like he sweats," Trump said.
Trump also went into a confusing and long-winded explanation of a lawsuit filed against him over Trump University. According to Trump, the plaintiffs initially spoke highly of the school before they sued.
Trump added that the judge in the case was unfairly hostile to him, noting that "he's Hispanic, which is fine."
The business mogul also reiterated his plan to "open up" libel laws in order to make it easier to sue newspapers and then suggested doing something similar to dishonest lawmakers.
"Maybe we'll do libel laws so we can sue lying politicians," he said.