Capitol Police arrest 4/20 activists allegedly passing out pot
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It may be 4/20, but that doesn't mean smoking marijuana on federal grounds is a good idea.

Capitol Police announced Thursday that they arrested seven individuals for passing out free pot to passersby near the Capitol steps.

The arrests were made at the corner of Fourth and Constitution Ave. NE in Washington.


Three individuals were arrested for possession with intent to distribute, while four others were taken for simple possession. According to a press release, all seven were taken to Capitol Police headquarters for processing.

Recreational marijuana use was legalized in the District of Columbia in 2014, but it remains a federal crime and is banned on Capitol grounds.

A group known as "MJDC" announced last week plans to hand out more than 1,000 joints at the Capitol on April 20, or 4/20. The group is pushing for a budget amendment that blocks the Justice Department from interfering with states that have legalized medical marijuana. 

“Americans don’t want a crackdown on legal cannabis — they want Congress to end cannabis prohibition once and for all,” DCMJ co-founder Adam Eidinger said. “Giving adults access to cannabis and individuals and small-business owners legal protection in all 50 states is what the American people have been asking for — just take one look at last year’s election.”