Jason Chaffetz exploring private sector jobs: report
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Rep. Jason ChaffetzJason ChaffetzChaplain controversy shifts spotlight to rising GOP star Ingraham’s ratings spike a wake-up for advertisers Boehner to campaign for House GOP candidates MORE (R-Utah) is already plotting his next moves. 

After announcing Thursday that he may not finish his term, Chaffetz told Politico that he is considering private sector jobs, including boards of directors and television contracts. 

“I started poking around to see what I might be worth and what sort of possibilities are there,” Chaffetz said. "And I got a series of ‘Let us know when you’re serious.’ Well now I can say, ‘Can you tell I am serious?'"

Chaffetz told Politico he's looking at a "number of things," adding that he'd "be thrilled to have a television relationship."

The Utah Republican was first elected in 2008, and has since become the chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee. His decision not to seek reelection stunned many.

Chaffetz announced Wednesday that he wouldn't be on the ballot for House or Senate in 2018. But he didn't rule out running for public office, including governor, in the future.

Despite speculation about the reasons for Chaffetz's departure, he told Politico there's no hidden scandal forcing his hand.

“Not in any way shape or form,” he said. “I’ve been given more enemas by more people over the last eight years than you can possibly imagine. From the Secret Service to the Democratic Party. I am who I am. If they had something really scandalous, it would’ve come out a long, long time ago.”

He said making his departure announcement early will let him "see what is out there" and pursue other options. 

And it "gives potential candidates for my seat time to gear up in terms of money, policy and building a grassroots organization," he said. "And I’m just being candid with people.”