Yiannopoulos on Bannon ouster: I want to see him crush his enemies
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Right-wing provocateur and former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos wants to see his old boss Stephen Bannon crush his enemies now that he's out of his White House job.

“I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I want to see Bannon the Barbarian ruthlessly crush his enemies from wherever he thinks he’d be most effective," he told Mediaite in an interview. 

Bannon, who was an executive at the conservative news outlet before joining the Trump administration as President Trump's chief strategist, sparked speculation that he may rejoin Breitbart after it was announced Friday he had been forced out of the White House. 

"Steve Bannon is a patriot and a hero. And a hell of a lot more dangerous outside the White House than in it," Yiannopoulos said in a Facebook post. "Does this say good things about the Trump administration? Not at first glance. But boy am I looking forward to having Steve back in the trenches again." 

Breitbart editors added to speculation that Bannon would return to the publication and attack Trump, with one senior editor tweeting "#WAR" after the reports of Bannon's firing surfaced on Friday. 

Yiannopoulos resigned from the alt-right site, a major proponent of Trump in the 2016 election and his presidency thus far, after a video of him endorsing pedophilia surfaced online. 

On his Facebook page, Yiannopoulos posted a banner photo with a "Bannon 2020" slogan, as well as a link to his personal website where he's selling T-shirts with the faux political logo. 

"Bannon for President. Not that we don't love you, Daddy, but BANNON 2020!" he wrote on the post featuring the shirts. 

Yiannopoulos told Mediaite that the shirts are “very real, as are my dreams.”