Former GOP presidential hopeful and prominent social conservative activist Gary Bauer plans to spend some $1 million running campaign ads in targeted House and Senate races ahead of November. 

Bauer, who chairs the Campaign for Working Families political action committee, is targeting 10 races with a message that focuses largely on economic issues. 

"Thanks to Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the American that was, is no more," says the narrator of one ad the PAC is funding in support of Republican Marco Rubio in Florida's Senate race. "Instead of the hope they promised, we got decline."

"Americans are demanding that the liberal politicians responsible for dramatically growing the Washington bureaucracy while shrinking the American economy be held accountable," Bauer said in a release announcing the campaign.

Bauer plans to run spots in four Senate races — Florida, Nevada, Arkansas and Pennsylvania. 

His PAC will also target one key open-seat race and five vulnerable House Democrats — Reps. Gabrielle Giffords (Ariz.), Mark Schauer (Mich.), Ike Skelton (Mo.), Steve Driehaus (Ohio) and Glenn Nye (Va.). 

The open-seat contest in Michigan's 1st congressional district between Republican Dan Benishek and Democrat Gary McDowell is another Bauer target. 

Watch the PAC's ad in Florida's Senate race below: