Conservative Newt Gingrich supporters are airing a pro-Gingrich special on Iowa TV this weekend hosted by former President Ronald Reagan's son.

Michael Reagan narrates the special, produced by he conservative news outlet Newsmax. Reagan says in the video that Gingrich is the "person that we believe will help continue my father's vision."

Last month, Reagan, a conservative commentator, voiced his support of Gingrich, telling Fox News Gingrich "offers solutions" and praising his choice to run a positive campaign.

"Recently you've been hearing a lot about Speaker Gingrich. Millions of dollars have been spent in negative ads against him. But lets talk about the real Newt Gingrich," Reagan says in the video, before launching into a Gingrich biography voiced over Gingrich photos.

Gingrich, who led in the polls a month ago, saw a rapid fall and now trails in Iowa, where the first 2012 vote will be held next week.

Gingrich's decent was blamed in part on hard-hitting negative ads aired in Iowa by his rival Ron Paul's campaign and by a pro-Mitt Romney super PAC.

According to Newsmax, the 30-minute special will air on major broadcast outlets in Iowa this weekend. Gingrich's supporters likely hope the special will decide Iowa voters in the last three days before the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3.

The video is available to stream on the outlet's website.