"It's clear that the War on Women not only hasn't gone away, but is as active as ever," American Bridge spokesman Chris Harris said in a statement. "This site is but a sampling of Republicans' offensive comments about women's reproductive rights, but shows without a doubt that the War on Women is in full swing."

American Bridge wasn't the only liberal group to seize on the comments. A new memo from the Democratic National Committee also argues that Franks's remark "echoes" Akin.

In a statement to Talking Points Memo Wednesday night, Franks said his comments were intended simply to point out that pregnancies resulting from rape are usually terminated before the 20th week.

“Pregnancies from rape that result in abortion after the beginning of the sixth month are very rare,” Franks said in a statement. “This bill does not address unborn children in earlier gestations. Indeed, the bill does nothing to restrict abortions performed before the beginning of the 6th month.”