John McCain took plenty of heat for saying in 2008 that the "fundamentals of the economy" were strong. Will Harry Reid take the same kind of flak for saying his state is experiencing "robust growth?"

Sue Lowden's (R) campaign sees an opening in Reid's comments, which his campaign originally made on its website. Similar to McCain, it hopes they can be used to make the case that Reid is out of touch with what's happening in his home state, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

The web ad above also represents the first time Lowden has taken direct aim at Reid in an advertisement.

The video is being released the day before President Obama is set to appear with Reid in Las Vegas. The two are slated to hold an event at the recently completed CityCenter complex, which is the said to be the most expensive construction project in United States history. Reid and Obama are expected to hold up the project as a sign of Reid's clout.