Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway, like many other Democrats in tough primaries, is making healthcare an issue.

And he's doing it by trying to tie primary opponent Dan Mongiardo to Kentucky's other senator, Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

Conway's ad calls Mongiardo "Senator No" and "Dr. No" for saying he would have opposed the healthcare bill. The ad features footage of McConnell citing his opposition to the legislation, which was signed into law on Tuesday.

Washingtonians may be reminded of another "Senator No" however: Sen. Tom Coburn. The Oklahoma Republican, who's a doctor by trade, has earned the moniker for his constant holds and objections to legislation.

Conway has a reason to hit Mongiardo hard. The latest Daily Kos/R2000 poll has Mongiardo up 16 points, leading 47 to 31.

The primary is May 18.