EMILY's List, a power PAC that backs female candidates, has started a website to support Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after the hail of criticism she came under for the healthcare bill.

The group said in a statement the site was started specificially in response to RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who said: "Let's start getting Nancy ready for the firing line this November."

StandwithNancy.com invites people to fill out an online petition to thank Pelosi for her work on the legislation.

"Thanks to you, the House passed historic health care legislation this week – progress we could not have achieved without you at the helm," the petition reads. "Thank you for everything you’re doing to make America healthier, safer, and better for all of us."

It could prove to be an uplifting birthday gift for the Speaker, who turns 70 today. It's also a strong show of support from a power abortion-rights PAC. Pelosi supports abortion-rights but several liberal groups complained about language in the healthcare bill that restricted federal funding of abortions.

In today's edition of The Hill, Aaron Blake examines liberals attacks on Democratic candidates regarding their healthcare votes.