Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine said Sunday that candidates should be "very proud of and be talking about" the healthcare reform law.

"Most Democrats that I see on the trail are very proud of the accomplishment," Kaine said on CNN's "State of the Union," adding that some in "gerrymandered districts" could be distancing themselves from the bill that ignited town hall meetings over last year's summer recess.

Kaine also said he was "fine" with debate and dialogue over extension of the Bush-era tax cuts taking place over the campaign season, but said he "wouldn't be surprised if it's after the election when the action takes place."

He addressed concerns about igniting the left to get to the polls by pointing out how the administration ended combat operations in Iraq and how Congress passed healthcare and Wall Street reform.

The economy would be a challenge as would indepdent voters who were turning away from President Obama, Kaine said, but he predicted that Democrats would not lose control of either chamber.

"We were in a ditch, a deep, deep chasm after a lost decade," he said of the slow recovery from recession that could hurt his party at the polls. "We're now climbing out of the ditch. We built a ladder with no help from the other guys."