Democrats spent more than $50 million in the final two weeks of the campaign in a frantic attempt to retain control of the House of Representatives.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee burned through a total of $54.8 million between Oct. 14 and Nov. 22, according to its latest Federal Election Commission filing. Much of that went into TV advertising, which it had reserved as part of its firewall strategy. The DCCC borrowed and raised some $33 million to help with its final push.

The Republicans, meanwhile, spent significantly less in their final push. The National Republican Congressional Committee dropped $31.3 million during the same period, according to its filing. That money helped the GOP capture a whopping 63 seats and seize the House majority.

Democrats may be entertaining notions of a swift retake of the speaker's gavel, but they will start the next cycle at a disadvantage. The DCCC has $19.5 million in debt, compared with $12 million for the NRCC. Moreover, the Republicans still have $4.67 million banked, compared with only some $3 million for the Democrats. 

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