The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a second phase of its TV ads Wednesday, targeting President Obama in four key swing states.

The ads go after Obama and his management of the economy, offering a preview of the messaging Republicans will be using against the president in 2012.

This spot uses Obama's words during 2008's campaign, in which he talks about the need for change, and contrasts them with his economic record. The ad is airing in Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — four states Obama won in 2008, and four states in which Republicans hope to mount an offensive in 2012.

"President Obama won in 2008 by winning nine states President Bush carried in 2004. These states will undoubtedly be battlegrounds again in 2012 and Obama’s surrogates have also talked about widening the 2012 electoral map and playing in other states he failed to carry in 2008, like Arizona and Georgia," RNC political director Rick Wiley wrote in a memo. "This seems a curious strategy given the trouble he has closer to home."

The ad is the second in a series of new, weekly ads the RNC intends to release this month. They have limited television ad buys.