The site breaks down the impact of Obama's $447 billion plan on women, Latinos, African-Americans and low-income Americans — all groups whose support was key to Obama's first campaign.

A PDF about the impact on Latinos cites 250,000 Hispanic-owned businesses that would get a tax cut under the plan, 1.1 million Hispanics who would benefit from an extension in unemployment insurance, and 25 million Hispanic workers it says would be eligible for a payroll tax cut extension.

The website also attempts to fight back against Republicans' biggest talking point against the plan: that Obama's assertion that the plan is paid for is an empty one. But critics are unlikely to be assuaged by the lack of detail in the site's defense of Obama's claim.

"The president will release a detailed deficit-reduction plan in the coming days that will pay for every penny of the American Jobs Act and include additional deficit reduction sufficient to stabilize our debt as a share of our economy," the site reads.

More of those details are expected when Obama delivers his legislation to Congress on Monday evening.