The Republican National Committee (RNC) raised $8.17 million in August, its highest ever for an off-year August and almost $3 million more than its Democratic counterpart pulled in for the same period.

That brought the total raised by the group this year to $52 million. RNC officials reported having more than $9 million cash on hand and almost $16 million in debt, putting them in much better shape than at the start of the year, when they had less than half a million in cash and $24 million in debt.

The DNC raised $5.5 million, Reuters reported — almost a million less than it did the month before. But its fundraising numbers for 2011 so far, when added to the money raised for Obama's reelection campaign, reached $118 million, far surpassing the Republican figures.

Off-year summers and August in particular are typically slow fundraising periods for both parties.