RNC lays out data, field investments

The Republican National Committee is out with a memo touting its investments in technology and field operations, arguing it has shifted from its advertising-first mentality of previous campaign cycles.

"While in the past, we may have measured the RNC’s success by the amount of cash we had piled up three months before Election Day, that will no longer be the case. We're investing that money now and will continue to do so," RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer says in the memo.

The RNC has been outraising the Democratic National Committee this year, which could help it narrow the infrastructural gap between the committees.

The committee has been hiring up staff for get-out-the-vote and minority outreach programs as well as data and tech investment following the 2012 elections, when Democrats had big advantages on both fronts.

But a bigger problem for the party — its internal divisions and struggles to nominate strong candidates — persists. That's an issue that's largely out of control of the RNC, but complicates its job.

"Ultimately candidates make the difference, but we'll do everything we can to prepare the field for them," Spicer concludes. "

That means we can't let the money just sit in the bank. We can't parachute in a few days before voters head to the polls. We have do the work now — and we are."

Democrats fired back on the RNC's claims of progress.


"The RNC is focused exclusively on their tactical shortcomings while ignoring the real reason voters rejecting their party – message and policies," says DNC spokesman Michael Czin. "When it comes to issues like women’s health, immigration reform and health care – the GOP has actually lost ground in the last year."