The Republican National Committee raised $8.4 million over the month of July and ended the month with $13.9 million cash on hand.

Nearly all, 98 percent, of the RNC’s July sum came in donations of $200 or less, and the average donation to the committee was $60.

The RNC has raised $140.3 million for the cycle overall, a sum it’s used to invest in the party’s infrastructure and ground game as it prepares for the midterms and 2016 presidential fight.

“[Those investments] included overhauling our data, digital, and technology operation and deploying community-based staff to engage with voters full-time where they live, work, and worship,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement.
“We’ve seen this work pay dividends already, and with continued work and investment, we expect a Republican victory in November.”

Priebus said this cycle they’ve invested “$49 million toward helping our candidates win, and we expect to surpass $90 million.”

The Democratic National Committee hasn’t yet released its July fundraising numbers.