DNC outraises RNC in July
© Anne Wernikoff

The Democratic National Committee bested its Republican counterpart in fundraising for the month of July, bringing in almost $9.3 million to the Republican National Committee’s $8.4 million.

But the RNC started August with more money in the bank, at $13.9 million to the DNC’s $9.6 million cash on hand.

The DNC is continuing to pay down its debt, which now clocks in at less than $2 million, down from nearly $23 million last year, following an expensive presidential fight.

Both committees have invested millions in party infrastructure at the state level this cycle in preparation for what’s shaping up to be a tough midterm fight for Democrats and a still-fluid presidential contest in 2016.

While the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees have typically outraised their GOP counterparts, the RNC has been a bright spot for the GOP in fundraising, besting the DNC in 10 of the last 19 months, according to The Associated Press. This year, however, the DNC has ramped up their efforts and outraised the RNC every month but one.