Indiana's Republican Attorney General is calling out the NRCC for running robocalls that he says violate the spirit of the law.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller said the NRCC's robocalls are "flouting" the law and disregarding a treaty reached by political parties inside the state. In January, the parties reached an agreement, solicited by Zoeller, to refrain from robocalls.

"I'm sorry to report that the National Republican Congressional Committee is the first to intentionally violate the treaty and show a lack of respect for the privacy of Hoosiers by blitzing them with unwanted political calls," Zoeller said. "This national group fails to appreciate what the three political parties in Indiana readily embraced: that unsolicited and unwanted calls on any subject are an annoying and ultimately counterproductive tactic that Hoosiers neither need nor want."

Zoeller's office notes that it is illegal for the NRCC to run automated dial robocalls, but that it is not illegal to have live operators ask for permission to play a recorded message.

It said that it contacted the NRCC and asked it to cease, and the NRCC declined.

"This national group and anyone considering similar activities should be on notice that the tactic of tiptoeing right up to the line of illegality in pursuit of short-term gain carries a public penalty as a violation of the Treaty of 2010," Zoeller said.

UPDATE: The NRCC reiterates that it is following the law.

"We felt it was important to make these calls so Hoosiers could let their Democratic Congressmen know that they do not want this healthcare bill rammed down their throats," NRCC spokesman Tom Erickson said.