Sanders raises $33M in fourth quarter of 2015
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The number falls just short of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s self-reported $37 million raised in the quarter.
“This people-powered campaign is revolutionizing American politics,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said in a statement Saturday. 
“What we are showing is that we can run a strong, national campaign without a super PAC and without depending on millionaires and billionaires for their support. We are making history and we are proud of it.”
Sanders has now raised $73 million on the year in his quest for the presidential nomination.
Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, raised a total of $112 million in 2015.
The self-proclaimed democratic socialist says he still has $28.4 million on hand, which should give him the resources to mount a formidable challenge to Clinton with just a month until ballots are cast in Iowa.
The Clinton campaign, which has burned through roughly two-thirds of its cash in order to build a high-powered, data-driven campaign, ended the year with $38 million in the bank.
The Sanders campaign increased its haul each quarter, reporting contributions of $15.2 million in the second quarter and $26.2 million in the third.
It also broke an off-year record set by President Obama in 2011 with more than 2.5 million donations this year.
The campaign said its average contribution was $27 and only a few hundred Sanders supporters have reached the $2,700 limit.
“Bernie is the only candidate generating the kind of broad-based enthusiasm and excitement that Democrats must have in order to raise funds for a general election campaign and keep the White House and make gains in Congress,” Weaver said.
Sanders and Clinton both outpaced the two Republican presidential candidates who have so far released their fundraising numbers for the last three months of the year.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) reported a healthy $20 million for the fourth quarter, while retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, despite a slide in the polls, said he raked in $23 million.
Candidates are required to file their year-end earnings to the Federal Election Commission by Jan. 31.
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