Republicans aren't exactly trumpeting their chances in the race for John Murtha's seat, but the Democratic race is slowly devolving into something that could open the door.

Former state Treasurer Barbara Hafer is still crying foul about the process that nominated former Murtha district director Mark Critz for the special election on Monday, and now the state Democratic Party is fighting back.

State Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney had some choice words for Hafer, who suggested the process might have been fixed for Critz.

“Barbara’s free to disparage whatever she chooses to, and on any given day she’s disparaging something different,” Rooney told “One day it’s Mark Critz, another day it’s the process, another day it’s John Murtha. I think there are people in the 12th district wondering if Barbara will ever get around to talking about what she believes in."

Rooney continued: "It’s time she get over it, because it’s been decided, it’s done, and it’s time to move on. I would encourage all Democrats to get behind this candidate, because the Republican Party is going to make this special election a national election."

Hafer is still running in the Democratic primary for the general election, which will be held the same day as the special election on May 18.