National Democrats want you to know that, even if Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) loses in Colorado's precinct caucucses today, everything is going to be OK.

Bennet supporters are legitimately concerned that Andrew Romanoff might turn a strong performance today into some momentum on the campaign trail. They'd also like to point out that, even if he does win, such victories haven't meant much in the past.

The DSCC points out that Mike Miles (who?) defeated Ken Salazar in 2004 and that Tom Strickland lost at the cacuses as well. It is also sending around press clippings that set the expectations high for Romanoff.

We'll see tonight whether this is really the turning point some think it will be. But I'll say it again: whatever pressure might have been on either side tonight was mitigated, at least somewhat, by that PPP poll Monday showing a close race. It looks like we may have a real primary regardless of the caucus results.