Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter has been dumped from the lineup of next month's "Taking Back America" conference over her upcoming role in a gay conservative event in New York.

The conference is sponsored by the conservative news site World Net Daily, and its organizers proclaimed Tuesday that Coulter was disinvited due to her headline role at "Homocon," an event organized by the group GOProud.

Coulter shot back, saying that speaking in front of a group doesn't mean she endorses everything they stand for — including World Net Daily, whose founder has repeatedly pushed the "birther" argument.

GOProud says it's thrilled at the publicity and expects Coulter to be an even bigger draw now.  

"I'm sure they're not intending to help us by doing this, but they're doing us a huge favor," said GOProud Chairman of the Board Chris Barron.

The first "Homocon" is set for Sept. 25 in New York City.

"I don't think World Net Daily is particularly relevant in the grand scheme of things anyway," Barron said. "But we certainly appreciate the free publicity." 

-Updated at 4:10 p.m.