The National Republican Congressional Committee's annual fundraising dinner will bring in some $10 million for House Republicans, an NRCC spokesman confirms.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie headlines the Wednesday evening event, which is projected to bring in at least $3 million more for the committee than last year's dinner. The NRCC raised $7 million from the gathering in 2010 and $6 million from the 2009 dinner. 

Even with his repeated denials on a 2012 presidential run, Christie is still a top draw and some national Republicans continue to urge him to launch a campaign next year. Christie has won over national conservatives with efforts to trim New Jersey's budget deficit and take on organized labor.

Christie has repeatedly said he doesn't think he's ready to be president, but the governor has made sure to keep his national profile high. He came to Washington last month for a major speech at the American Enterprise Institute, where he laid into President Obama and Washington Republicans for not doing enough to tackle the nation's fiscal crisis. 

The committee's 2011 haul comes as the NRCC was just outraised for the second straight month by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in February. The DCCC raised $5.2 million last month to the NRCC's $4.9 million, but Democrats are still struggling to get out from under a hefty debt. The DCCC reported just over $17 million in remaining debt last month, while the NRCC reported just $9.5 million in debt.  

The NRCC has also been trying to collect on outstanding dues owed to the committee by members. Several members were furious after their names ended up in the press as among those behind on delivering their dues to the committee. Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) apologized to several members earlier this month and denied that the NRCC was the source of the leak.