The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) outraised the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in August and narrowly leads it in overall fundraising for the year to date.

The DCCC raised $3.6 million last month to the NRCC’s $3 million. For 2011, the DCCC has raised $41.3 million to the NRCC’s $40.4 million, although it trails the NRCC in cash on hand.

It is unusual for the minority party to outraise the party in power.

The NRCC came into the year with considerably less debt and has $11.7 million cash on hand with $2.5 million in debt, while the DCCC has $7.8 million in the bank and owes $3.3 million.

Because of new campaign finance regulations stemming from a 2010 Supreme Court decision, the two aren’t the only players in House races. And they might end up having less of an impact because of the role of such outside groups as the Republican-affiliated American Crossroads and American Action Network and the Democratic-affiliated House Majority PAC.

But their fundraising shows that the two parties have remained competitive throughout the year, and that neither party’s donor base is overwhelmingly more excited than the other’s about next year’s elections.