House Democrats outraised their GOP counterparts by about $500,000 in March, but have about $4 million less overall than Republicans at the start of the second quarter.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $9.8 million in March to $9.3 million for the National Republican Congressional Committee, even though the GOP has the majority in the House. The DCCC has bested the NRCC in every month so far this year, and the committee said it was the winner in 10 of the past 15 months.

But Republicans have more than $27 million in the bank, while Democrats boast less than $23 million. Both committees have cleared out their debt.

The figures suggest that heading into the fall, House Democrats could have a slight cash advantage over Republicans, who shored up many of their most vulnerable incumbents through redistricting in 2011 and have made it more difficult for Democrats to put races in play.

Democrats need to flip about two dozen seats in November to retake control off the House.

The NRCC’s March haul included the proceeds of its annual dinner, the committee’s largest fundraising event of the year.