President Obama and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised over $60 million in May, his reelection campaign announced Thursday.

“The campaign raised more than $60 million across committees in May. Thanks to everyone who chipped in,” Obama’s team tweeted form the president’s account.

The total tops April's figures, when Obama and the DNC combined to raise $43.6 million, with May being the best monthly total this year.

The campaign and DNC hauled in $29.1 million in January, $45 million in February and $53 million in March.

Obama’s campaign said more than 572,000 people donated in May and more than 147,000 of them were first-time contributors. 2.2 million donors have given to the president’s reelection bid this cycle.

Ninety-eight percent of donations received were for less than $250, another tweet said, with the average donation being $54.94. 

Obama’s campaign has in recent months attempted to boost the number of small donations, fearing that its affiliated super-PAC is unable to compete with pro-Mitt Romney groups that have received large donations from wealthy individuals.

May was a strong fundraising month for the president thanks to his endorsement of same-sex marriage. 

Obama traveled to California shortly after that announcement, pulling in $15 million at a fundraiser hosted by actor George Clooney. 

This week, Obama returned to the state for more high-profile fundraisers with technology industry leaders in San Francisco and a star-studded event with Hollywood and gay and lesbian supporters last night in Los Angeles.

Reports said Obama is expected to raise $5 million during this week’s West Coast swing. 

Presumptive GOP nominee Romney and the Republican National Committee, which are similarly coordinating their fundraising efforts, have not released their May haul.

This story was updated at 8:23 a.m.