Roemer, who ran on the independent Americans Elect ticket, vowed to only accept small donations and no money from political action committees, super-PACs, corporations or lobbyists. He suspended his campaign on May 31. Johnson, who remains in the race, is running as a libertarian candidate and became eligible for the monetary assistance in May.

To be considered for federal matching funds a candidate must raise at least $100,000 “by collecting $5,000 in 20 different states in amounts no greater than $250 from any individual,” according to FEC regulations. A presidential candidate has the opportunity to earn up to $22.8 million from the fund, according to the commission.

The candidate must also agreed “to an overall spending limit,” keep “financial records” and “permi[t] an extensive campaign audit.”

President Obama and Mitt Romney did not accept matching funds, which allows them to raise unlimited amounts of money.

The latest payment brings the total of federal funds given to Roemer and Johnson to $351,961.10 and $230,058.91, respectively, according to an FEC release.