President Obama's reelection team admitted Monday they got "handily" beat by Mitt Romney in June fundraising — the second straight month the presumptive GOP nominee has outraised the president.

Romney and the Republican National Committee raised $106.1 million for June, while Obama and Democratic National Committee pulled in $71 million.

The $35 million gap between the two intensified concerns within the Obama campaign that they could continue to be outraised all the way until November.

In an email to donors on Monday, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said he had "some good news and some bad news" to share. 

"Good news first: June was our best fundraising month yet," Messina wrote. "We exceeded expectations — more than 706,000 people like you stepped up and pitched in for a grand total of $71 million raised for this campaign and the Democratic Party. Bravo. That's seriously impressive. 

"Bad news? We still got beat. Handily," he added. 

The Obama campaign has pushed the narrative that it could be outgunned financially in its efforts to rally donors.

In an email sent to supporters in June, Obama acknowledged the campaign “might not outraise Mitt Romney,” urging donors to get off the sidelines and begin contributing soon. 

“I am determined to keep the margin close enough that we can win this election the right way,” he said.

Romney’s campaign, though, pushed back against those claims, pointing to a series of Obama attack ads hitting the former govenor in key swing states.

“While the Obama campaign would have you believe that they have been outspent, it’s just not the case,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. “Besides the fact that we are facing off against an incumbent president who has been able to fully engage in a fundraising battle this entire campaign, as we could not, we are only allowed to spend primary dollars from now through the convention.

“Gov. Romney has had a successful couple of months fundraising, but it does not make up for the gap that exists with primary dollars from now through [the] convention and their negative ad onslaught,” she added.

Along with releasing its June fundraising numbers, the Romney campaign said it has $160 million cash on hand.

“This month’s fundraising is a statement from voters that they want a change of direction in Washington,” said Romney National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick in a statement. "Voters of all stripes — Republicans, independents and Democrats — have made it clear that President Obama has not lived up to the promises of his last campaign.”

The Obama campaign has not yet released its cash on hand number.

Romney’s total was likely buoyed by conservative anger over the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold much of Obama’s signature healthcare reform legislation.

The Romney camp announced it had raised $5.5 million from 55,000 donations within a day of the court’s landmark ruling. 

The campaign said 94 percent of all donations received in June, totaling 537,729 contributions, were for $250 or less, accounting for $22.3 million of the total.

The June total builds on Romney’s strong May performance, when he first outraised Obama in the first head-to-head month of the campaign. In May, Romney and the RNC raised $76.8 million, more than $16 million over the $60 million pulled by Obama and the DNC.  

Obama is scheduled to appear at two fundraising events in Washington on Monday. 

Romney appeared to be on a fundraising roll, coming off a fundraising dinner at the Southampton home of conservative billionaire David Koch, which raked in $50,000 per person. He is scheduled to attend a fundraiser in Colorado on Monday.

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