Giffords, along with husband Mark Kelly and former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson and former Clinton Administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, formally launched the PAC on Tuesday.

Kelly says in the release that the PAC will "only support candidates who are dedicated to working hard for commonsense, bipartisan solutions," a goal that may be more than just lip-service as the two co-chairs -- Grayson and Reich -- are a Republican and a Democrat, respectively.

Giffords' role in public life was disrupted when a man shot and killed six people and injured 13 more, including Giffords, at a public meeting she was holding with constituents. Her return to politics has been in question since, and she has largely remained out of the fray to focus on her recovery -- but never completely eliminated the possibility.

Gabby PAC is an opportunity for her to do just that. It's unclear yet what candidates the PAC will support, but its launch just months away from Election Day means Giffords' influence is likely to be felt in a number of Democratic races nationwide.