The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) raised $5.4 million in April, building on its advantage over House Republicans this year.

The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $5.1 million last month; Democrats now outpace the GOP $28 million to $22.5 million for the year.

A DCCC official notes that the House Democrats also have more cash on hand ($10.4 million to $8.7 million) and less debt ($4.1 million to $6.25 million).

The DCCC has paid off some $8 million in debt since the beginning of 2013, and its current debt load is nearly half of what it was after the 2010 election cycle.

The committee has been boosted by a series of fundraisers by President Obama. 

In April, the president headlined a fundraiser on San Francisco's "Billionaire's Row" for the campaign committee, appearing alongside House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). That event alone raised $3.2 million for House Democrats.

Still, Democrats face an uphill battle in the coming cycle, needing to win 17 Republican-held seats to return the Speaker's gavel to Pelosi.

But Democrats have been bullish on their hopes of taking back control of the House, with DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.) asserting in March that committee is "doing everything we can to put [the House] in play" in 2014.